JUNE 12th, 13th and 14th 2020

We invite corporates and individuals to register and be part of the change that will make a difference in the lives of people with cancer in Kenya.

A team comprises 5 members above the age of 18.

Registration before 30th April is Kshs 120,000

Registration after 30th April is Kshs 130,000

Registration fee includes rafting t-shirt, transport to and from Savage Wilderness and Lunch.

If you're a Team Leader, click on "Sign up/Log in" below, to submit your Team & choose a proposed rafting day/time. N/B a team is only confirmed as registered, once Faraja approves the team submission

Discounts can be negotiated for groups that are registering more than 3 teams.

If teams wish to stay the night and camp, they are welcome to contact Savage Wilderness directly through Mercy on 0737 835 963


The rodeo event consists of each team surfing a wave on the River Tana. This is known as Fish Eye. The team that stays in the raft for the longest period of time wins the event. This is a timed event and Savage will issue points depending on how long each team member stays in the raft. (This will be held at the “Fish Eye” Rapid).


In the slalom event, each team will race down a 1 km section of the river in which they will have to pass through 5 downstream gates and 5 up stream gates. This event is timed. You garner points once you pass through the gates without hitting them. (Fish Eye to the Gorge Rapid).


We will race a 4 km section of river. All the teams will start at the same place at the same time and race each other down 4km of amazing white water. The team with the fastest time wins the event. (We will start at Below Spasm and Finish at the Savage Camp).