7th & 8th June 2024

At Savage Wilderness Camp.


We are proud to announce our 2023 SILVER SPONSORS are Sayani Investments, KPMG-East Africa, Great Rift Valley Lodge, Diani Reef Hotel and NCBA Bank.

Faraja Rafting Challenge
Faraja Rafting Challenge
Faraja Rafting Challenge
Faraja Rafting Challenge
Faraja Rafting Challenge

A very special thank you to our 2023 Silver Sponsor, Sayani Investments,
KPMG-East Africa, Great Rift Valley Lodge (GRVL), Diani Reef Hotel and NCBA Bank.

Faraja Rafting Challenge
Faraja Rafting Challenge
Faraja Rafting Challenge
Faraja Rafting Challenge
Faraja Rafting Challenge

9th Annual WWRC - Sagana


We are thankful to all the teams (corporate and individual) who went above and beyond to raise much-needed funds to support our free services.

Kshs 5.1m


22 teams! 400 spectators!

Gio Gio Kshs 1,421,000
Sayani Investments Ksh 722,800
Knight Frank Kshs 204,000
Anjarwalla and Khanna Kshs 245,000
Armaan Kshs 110,600

Make a Splash and Make a Difference

Paddle Image

Faraja’s annual White Water Rafting Challenge is an annual event organized by Faraja Cancer Support Trust in partnership with Savage Wilderness Camp.

It is a fun way to team build, network and have fun for a good cause. If you, your family or friends have gone through cancer treatment, you will recognize the importance of pulling funds together for urgent treatment.

White Water Rafting gives you, your office, church or group of friends a chance to be part of an adventure sport where you get to make a splash and make a difference in the lives of children and adults with cancer in Kenya.

The Event


Each team should consist of 5 people over the age of 13 years old


Due to the limited number of guides, we can only have up to 20 teams on each day


No experience in rafting/swimming is required, qualified raft guides are provided to each team

In 2023 we held our 9th Annual White Water Rafting Challenge at Savage Wilderness Camp at Sagana and what a fantastic time we all had! We are overwhelmed by the support and enthusiasm shown last year by both corporate and individual teams. We had some fantastic new fundraising initiatives that were not only creative but simple and fun. On behalf of everyone at Faraja, thank you for helping us raise awareness and funds to support our services.

The team that raises the most money, over and above the registration fee will get the first chance to pick their guide! Whereas all rafting guides are well-trained and professional, a guide with more experience is a sure way to win the race. Our 2023 White Water Rafting Challenge would not have been possible without our very many partners. We simply cannot do what we do without you.

Spectating is free.

These are our spectating packages.

Kshs 3000

Includes the BBQ lunch and transport to & from the event

Kshs 2000

Includes transport only. Snacks will be on sale in case you want to have a family picnic.

Self drive is free

Self drive is FREE! Snacks will be on sale in case you want to have a family picnic.

While spectating is free at Savage Wilderness camp, there are other camps nearby, that allow spectators, but may charge a fee of between Kshs 100-200.

All guests are welcome to stay in one of our cottages or camp, at an additional cost.

Please call Mercy of Savage Wilderness on 0737 835 963 to book a cottage. Camping is always more fun!


Every participant will be awarded with a medal of participation. Other trophies include: Overall Winners, Overall RunnersUp, Winner Friday Morning, Runners up Friday Morning, Winner Friday Afternoon, Runners up Friday Afternoon, Winner Saturday Morning, Runners up Saturday Morning, Winner Saturday Afternoon and Runners up Saturday Afternoon. And that’s not all, prizes are awarded to teams that fundraise over and above the registration fee.

  • Prizes 1

    The 2 teams that raise Kshs 250,000 or more will win lunch/dinner at an exclusive restaurant in Nairobi. Exact destinations /locations will be communicated nearer to the time.
  • Prizes 2

    The 3 teams that manage to raise Kshs 500,000 and above will win a wonderful holiday at a destination in Kenya.
  • Prizes 3

    A special award will be given to teams with the most INNOVATIVE ideas in fundraising. Think outside the box, have fun and raise money for cancer.

A Fighting Chance

In one way or another, we have all been affected by Cancer, be it suffering from it directly, watching a loved one dealing with or even knowing someone who has been through the ordeal.

Cancer patients are warriors who go to battle every day – strong, resilient humans facing fate with strength that comes from the will to survive. While the future may seem daunting, there is still hope and other options that can, in many cases, help patients fight against all odds and successfully beat it.

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We are proud to have partners and
teams that support this event year in year out.

Faraja Rafting Challenge
  • Friday 7th & Saturday 8th June, 2024
  • Savage Wilderness Camp - Sagana, Kenya
  • Faraja means 'Comfort' in Swahili and was founded in 2010 by Shaira Adamali.

    Our Main Objective is to provide a safe haven for patients and their carers by providing emotional, practical and healing support.