We would ideally like each team to raise more than Kshs 500,000! We encourage you to raise as much as you can for Faraja Cancer Support Trust, a charity that offers support to all those going through the cancer journey. Some ideas on fundraising are below; but please don’t hesitate to contact Faraja if you would like more support or ideas. We have attached a sponsorship form that you can use to record your collection. Remember there is a PRIZE for the highest fundraiser!



If you are a company that sells fast or medium moving consumer goods, these are a popular fundraising product for to sell at a discounted fee. Part proceeds can go towards supporting your rafting team. This is especially ideal if you have excess stock and are looking to have a sale that benefits a charity!


In the past we have seen tremendous success when staff members make baked goods and sell in the office during tea break. A weekly bake sale can generate between Kshs 4,000-10,000 for your team. It’s a simple yet sweet way to get your colleagues involved in your fundraising.


Take advantage of where your office is placed and organize a staircase challenge. For a month, ask HR to get involved in rallying staff members to use the healthier option, the stairs. For every flight you make, you donate a certain amount for your team. It’s fun and fitness, all for a good cause.


Some of your colleagues may have gently used or new items at home and wouldn’t mind donating them for sale. Every Friday, for example, you can have an office car boot sale where proceeds of all items (jewelery, clothes, and books) go towards to Faraja.


Everyone is good at making something. Ask friends if they would help you with giving you handmade items to sell. You can make greeting cards, bookmarks, desk calendar or beaded jewellery and sell. Every little bit helps to add to your fundraising target!


Ask local companies to donate a prize, make tickets and ask friends to sell a specific number of tickets for you – that way you can reach more people.

Faraja Rafting Challenge
  • Friday 26th, Saturday 27th & Sunday 28th May, 2023
  • Savage Wilderness Camp - Sagana, Kenya
  • Faraja means 'Comfort' in Swahili and was founded in 2010 by Shaira Adamali.

    Our Main Objective is to provide a safe haven for patients and their carers by providing emotional, practical and healing support.